[PyQt] Next PyQt5 and SIP Releases

John Donovan john at geospark.co.uk
Mon Aug 19 12:47:02 BST 2013

Raspberry Pi using the Qt5 packages from http://twolife.be/raspbian/
and PyQt-gpl-5.0.1-snapshot-7e6f3768c519

Running configure with:
python3 configure.py --verbose --confirm-license --enable=QtCore
--enable=QtGui --enable=QtOpenGL --enable=QtQml --enable=QtQuick

Works, but it does report:
The qmlscene plugin was disabled because the Python library couldn't be found.

It may be that I have missed a module from the Qt5 repo.

make works fine and everything seems to compile, but when I try to
import QtQml (or QtQuick):
from PyQt5 import QtQml

I get:
ImportError: /usr/lib/python3.3/site-packages/PyQt5/QtQml.so:
undefined symbol: _ZN11QQmlPrivate10createIntoI13QPyQmlObject5EEvPv

The other modules I've built all import OK.


On 18 August 2013 11:32, Phil Thompson <phil at riverbankcomputing.com> wrote:
> The current PyQt5 and SIP snapshots are release candidates so any testing
> with them would be greatly appreciated.
> Highlights are the new QtQml, QtQuick and QtMultimediaWidgets modules, and
> a completed QtMultimedia module. The QML support is complete - many
> examples have been ported and none required changes to QML code. You can
> also implement new QQuickItems in Python.  There is also a qmlscene plugin
> to allow qmlscene to be extended with Python code.
> There are some incompatibilities with PyQt v5.0 - mainly the support for
> cooperative multi-inheritance. If you use multi-inheritance then you should
> just call super() in your __init__ and not call the individual super-class
> __init__s.
> The final release should be later in the week.
> Phil
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