[PyQt] Next PyQt5 and SIP Releases

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.com
Sun Aug 18 11:32:18 BST 2013

The current PyQt5 and SIP snapshots are release candidates so any testing
with them would be greatly appreciated.

Highlights are the new QtQml, QtQuick and QtMultimediaWidgets modules, and
a completed QtMultimedia module. The QML support is complete - many
examples have been ported and none required changes to QML code. You can
also implement new QQuickItems in Python.  There is also a qmlscene plugin
to allow qmlscene to be extended with Python code.

There are some incompatibilities with PyQt v5.0 - mainly the support for
cooperative multi-inheritance. If you use multi-inheritance then you should
just call super() in your __init__ and not call the individual super-class

The final release should be later in the week.


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