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Detlev Offenbach detlev at die-offenbachs.de
Thu Mar 8 18:42:39 GMT 2012

Am Donnerstag, 8. März 2012, 09:49:41 schrieb Andreas Pakulat:
> On 08.03.12 09:35:51, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > On 07.03.12 16:14:18, JPolk wrote:
> > > ...'cause it would make it easier for me to merge Designer with Maya
> > > ;-)> 
> > Write Maya in C++ ;P
> Hmm, on a more serious note, you won't get around writing C++. AFAIK the
> public API of the QtDesigner library (and hence also the PyQt module)
> does not include the necessary functions to actually create a designer
> yourself. One needs to use one or two private headers from QtDesigner
> for the necessary functions. You could of course simply wrap that
> private API in a simple class and expose that via sip to Python and then
> do all the rest in Python.

If somebody would do that and maintain it over time I would be the first to 
use to integrate Designer into the eric IDE.

Detlev Offenbach
detlev at die-offenbachs.de

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