[PyQt] Couldn't find PyQt 4.8.x with Qt 4.7 to download

Adil Güneş Akbaş adil at ozguryazilim.com.tr
Tue Apr 3 10:58:50 BST 2012


I had some problems on converting a Python script into an .exe(Windows)
package. I could convert it successfully but it didn't work as
expected. I assume that the problem is about Qt 4.8, which is included
in PyQt 4.9.1, since there is no problem on Qt 4.7 with the same script.

Is there any chance to find a PyQt 4.8.x Windows 32 bit installer
including Qt 4.7 ? There are only PyQt 4.9.1 installers at its download
page[1], and I couldn't find any old version after a search.


Adil Güneş Akbaş
Özgür Yazılım A.Ş. ~$

[1] http://www.riverbankcomputing.co.uk/software/pyqt/download

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