[PyQt] new widget?

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.com
Sun Nov 27 13:59:41 GMT 2011

On Sun, 27 Nov 2011 09:01:09 -0400, Tony Peña <emperor.cu at gmail.com>
> Hi list....
> Just for ask...
> If someone extra want to add new widgets components to can use into
> Qt4-Designer... how or where can read about it?
> if exist that way... could be possible to make one with pyqt4 and not
> C++? in my case prefers pyqt4 because don´t know anything about it
> C/C++....
> simple example:  New component to handler the  QSql and can drag and
> into Form to can use it for database in the app.
> or make other Widget Component to can handler Proxys with QNetworkProxy
> I´m thinking like Delphi to can make more powerful Qt4-Designer...  who
> devel exactly that? Qt people? or can PyQt4 devel some extra widgets to
> use it into Qt4-Designer?
> for my info... maybe this someone ask before. :-)
> Kind Regards

Look at PyQt's plugins.py example.


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