[PyQt] new widget?

Tony Peña emperor.cu at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 13:01:09 GMT 2011

Hi list....

Just for ask...

If someone extra want to add new widgets components to can use into
Qt4-Designer... how or where can read about it?
if exist that way... could be possible to make one with pyqt4 and not using
C++? in my case prefers pyqt4 because don´t know anything about it

simple example:  New component to handler the  QSql and can drag and drop
into Form to can use it for database in the app.
or make other Widget Component to can handler Proxys with QNetworkProxy

I´m thinking like Delphi to can make more powerful Qt4-Designer...  who
devel exactly that? Qt people? or can PyQt4 devel some extra widgets to can
use it into Qt4-Designer?

for my info... maybe this someone ask before. :-)

Kind Regards

Antonio Peña
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