[PyQt] Inter-office distribution/installation of packages/modules

James Polk jpolk5001 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 16 18:13:10 BST 2011

Apologies if this is too off-topic,....but I'd like to propose a discussion of 
how-to's and where-fore's regarding distributing python modules to a user-base.

Recently, I've been using Mark Hammond's excellent pywin32 packages,
along with NumPy and PyOpenGL,etc.  I have a user-base of approx 40 or so,
who will need these packages added to their base Python install.

Rather than visit 40 separate desktops, I used "pip"  (pip freeze) to get a
short list of packages outside the base install, and wrote an app that each
user can run to find what's missing, and initiate the appropriate install,etc.
Then I realized that "pip" itself was a 3rd party package!..DOh!

I can fall back and use "help('modules')" to generate a new list, but it lists
*everything* in the install,...usable but not as succinct, for pywin32 for example,
it lists about a dozen things with a form of "win32" in them,...and doesn't appear
to return the real package name that is associated with the binary installation file.

Surely these issues are fairly common phenomena in many workplaces,etc...
I'm wondering if anybody out there has any knowledge, tips, or experiences
regarding this issue that they can share.

I've found "moduleFinder", and various ideas about searching "sys.path",
pkgutils, but nothing else that seems like a long term viable and/or elegant solution.

Thoughts anyone?


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