[PyQt] Qt Contributors Summit

Attila Csipa pyqt at csipa.in.rs
Wed Jun 8 22:18:09 BST 2011

On Wednesday 08 June 2011 23:08:36 you wrote:
> - my concern is that we will need to build our apps using a
>   software open gl, simply to be able to use them without difficulties

AAUI There will be no need to change how *you* build the applications, you 
link to Qt and the rest is Qt's domain. Whatever GL libs you need you would 
implicitly get by installing Qt anyway (this is something that (Py)Qt did with 
the QtOpenGL module for ages).

>   for a large user base.  and how this will impact the performance
>   of remote desktop and citrix.  Unfortunately, it's not up to me to
>   dictate the users of my app to use VNC or something else.

It will likely impact it negatively, until somebody addresses the specific case 
of remote desktops (as the trolls put it on the Qt list - this is something 
that will hugely benefit 99.999% of the users of Qt - yes, I made that number 
up, there are probably more 9s there though). Until that happens, Qt 4.8 is 
your friend (it's probably going to be the Python 2.6 equivalent of the Qt 
world). Remember, we're talking YEARS of transition here (though if you're on 
Linux, Wayland might pull the carpet from under most major distros next year 

>   form_display = ['first_name', 'last_name', 'birthdate']
>   this single line will generate me a form with all the fields
>   bound to the underlying data model.

>   will I be able to do the same with QDeclarativeComponents without
>   going through javascript translations and QML files.
>   maybe my understanding of Qt Quick is still lagging, all
>   clarifications are more then welcome ?

Yes, but then you'd be doing it wrong (in fact, if you have a beef with QML, 
personally I'd rather suggest you stick with QWidgets, that's less backwards 
than using QDeclarativeComponents in an imperative manner). I encourage 
everyone to put prejudice and the natural aversion of Python folks to JS aside 
:), and try out QML for a bit. Is it really worth doing complex dynamic widget 
and layout generators in python when you can have the same thing done 
literally in minutes and just a few lines of QML (is QML syntax *that* scary) 
? Of course people want to stick to tools and paradigms they are familiar with 
(what does it matter if you have that line in a .py file or a Form { fields: 
['first_name', 'last_name', 'birthdate'] } in a QML file ?). The bottom line is 
QDeclarativeComponents are NOT QWidgets, and QML files are NOT equivalents of 
.UI files. And no, you don't have to touch the QML designer ever.

Best regards,
Attila Csipa

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