[PyQt] Qt Contributors Summit

Attila Csipa pyqt at csipa.in.rs
Wed Jun 8 15:50:17 BST 2011

On Wednesday 08 June 2011 15:29:23 you wrote:
> > There is no OpenGL *requirement*.
> So far all indications are to the contrary, Nokia's plan as far as I
> know to date is to require OpenGL(ES) to draw anything - including good
> old QWidgets. That does not necessarily mean that you need a
> state-of-the-art graphics card, but something needs to provide a
> complete OpenGL stack (even if just done in software).

Yes, should have formulated my reply as no *hardware* requirement (but do you 
really care if there is a GL-ish layer somewhere ?), as we already know even 
weird combinations like MESA + VNC work. Now, with lighthouse you can use 
whatever backend you want (the OpenGL requirement comes from scenegraph), so 
the "display" itself can be literally anything, and I would even argue that if 
someone bothered, he/she could make a far better remote plugin for lighthouse 
than just the (not so efficient) plain remote X protocol. So yes, you will need 
more libraries, even if they are very simple, but no hardware changes will be 
needed. Now, before everyone starts roaring about backward compatibility - 
there is nothing preventing you from using Qt 4.8, which is not even out yet 
with old style QWidgets for years to come. Indeed, if you have some legacy 
QWidget apps that you just want to keep on maintaining with minimum effort, Qt5 
probably doesn't appeal much to you anyway (it's known to be a binary a slight 
source compatibility break) and chances are we will see some of goodies 
backported to Qt4.7/8.

Best regards,
Attila Csipa

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