[PyQt] Qt Contributors Summit

Attila Csipa pyqt at csipa.in.rs
Wed Jun 8 12:46:55 BST 2011

On Wednesday 08 June 2011 12:50:59 you wrote:
> - the OpenGL requirement : will this still work decent through remote
>   desktop and citrix.  imho this is important for business
>   applications.

There is no OpenGL *requirement*. It will certainly made in a way that allows 
extensive OpenGL optimizations (esp with Wayland and similar solutions in 
mind). Lighthouse IIRC already has a VNC plugin, XCB (which you can tunnel), 
this kind of shows you that remote connections are by no means in danger, the 
only question is their speed - Qt's focus is AIUI not on that ATM, so more of 
a 'we take patches' level.

> - QML / Qt Components : having played a bit with it, I certainly
>   see its value, BUT, I'm afraid of having certain functionality
>   not available through C++ and hence not through PyQt. (like
>   assembling QML scene).

Can you be more specific ? What do you mean under QML scene assembly ? If you 
are trying to dynamically generate QML, you're sorta doing it wrong - it only 
sounds like you're trying to put stuff in QML that shouldn't be there (or that 
way) in the first place.

>   for PyQt applications, I see little to no value in writing a
>   part of the app in Javascript/QML, on the contrary, it would
>   increase complexity.  After all we have been writing our gui in a
>   dynamic language for years now.

I used Python+QML in a couple of experiments - my personal opinion is it's 
way, way easier to work with QML (esp if you're willing to build your 
components - until Nokia makes a stable release) than it ever was with QWidget 
stuff. I would say this is a question of way of thinking - you're not writing 
*part of the app*, you're writing the UI.

Best regards,
Attila Csipa

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