[PyQt] Qt Contributors Summit

Linos info at linos.es
Wed Jun 8 10:55:56 BST 2011

El 08/06/11 11:50, Erik Janssens escribió:
> Hello Phil,
> good to hear you're going to the contributors summit, here are my
> main concerns (pretty much in line with the other responses) :
> - the OpenGL requirement : will this still work decent through remote
>    desktop and citrix.  imho this is important for business
>    applications.
> - QML / Qt Components : having played a bit with it, I certainly
>    see its value, BUT, I'm afraid of having certain functionality
>    not available through C++ and hence not through PyQt. (like
>    assembling QML scene).
>    for PyQt applications, I see little to no value in writing a
>    part of the app in Javascript/QML, on the contrary, it would
>    increase complexity.  After all we have been writing our gui in a
>    dynamic language for years now.
> - I'm fine with deprecating certain parts of the api, to stay lean
>    and maintainable
> Good luck and best regards,
> Erik

Hello all,
	i have the exact same concerns that Erik.

Miguel Angel.

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