[PyQt] Problem freezing a Sqlite based PyQT app

Demetrius Cassidy dcassidy36 at mass.rr.com
Tue Jan 12 02:54:14 GMT 2010

You probably forgot to include the sqlite3.dll with your redist package. 
Alternatively, you can try to use py2exe instead of cx_Freeze. It works 
pretty well for me and is good at picking up dependencies.

Claudio Felix wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I've been developing a PyQT database app which uses a SQlite3
> database. It is working just fine on my development environment, which
> is Linux based. My problem is the end users want it running on
> Windows, and it does run fine on it, until I try freezing it (they
> wouldn't have a clue as how to install python, PyQT and all by
> themselves). I'm using cx_Freeze to get it done and on Linux even the
> frozen version runs just fine, but on Windows I get this error:
> Database Error: Driver not loaded
> Have you guys hit anything like this before? I'm using the same
> version of cx_Freeze on Linux and Windows (4.1.2) and the software
> doesn't have any different imports for one or the other, so I guess
> the same modules should be included in the freezing process.. is there
> anything obvious I'm missing? The cx_Freeze command line used was like
> this (also tried from eric4 packager plugin, with same result):
> cxfreeze --target-dir=c:\test --target-name=app.exe
> --base-name=Win32GUI mainwindow.py
> If this helps, python version is 2.6.2, QT is 4.5.2 and PyQT is 4.4.4.
> Thanks and congratulations for the great work in PyQT!
> Claudio
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