[PyQt] Problem freezing a Sqlite based PyQT app

Claudio Felix felix.claudio at gmail.com
Tue Jan 12 00:55:52 GMT 2010

Hello everyone,

I've been developing a PyQT database app which uses a SQlite3
database. It is working just fine on my development environment, which
is Linux based. My problem is the end users want it running on
Windows, and it does run fine on it, until I try freezing it (they
wouldn't have a clue as how to install python, PyQT and all by
themselves). I'm using cx_Freeze to get it done and on Linux even the
frozen version runs just fine, but on Windows I get this error:

Database Error: Driver not loaded

Have you guys hit anything like this before? I'm using the same
version of cx_Freeze on Linux and Windows (4.1.2) and the software
doesn't have any different imports for one or the other, so I guess
the same modules should be included in the freezing process.. is there
anything obvious I'm missing? The cx_Freeze command line used was like
this (also tried from eric4 packager plugin, with same result):

cxfreeze --target-dir=c:\test --target-name=app.exe
--base-name=Win32GUI mainwindow.py

If this helps, python version is 2.6.2, QT is 4.5.2 and PyQT is 4.4.4.

Thanks and congratulations for the great work in PyQT!


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