[PyQt] new version sip 4.10.5 with Python 2.7 : connecting to actions no longer work

Blaine Bell blaine.bell at schrodinger.com
Fri Aug 27 16:16:30 BST 2010

  For what its worth, the object generating the signal has been 
constructed and is used in C++, and it is accessible from python using 
SIP (as a member variable and a member function).  The connection is not 
triggered even though it has been setup in python (using 
QtCore.QObject.connect()).  This worked in 4.9.3 and python 2.6, has 
there been any changes in the criteria for C++ objects to be able to 
signal objects in python?

Thanks in advance,


On 8/26/2010 11:42 PM, Schrodinger Account wrote:
> I have a Python panel that is connecting to a QAction that is a member 
> variable of a class and was created in CPP.  This connection was 
> working just fine using sip 4.9.3 with Python 2.6, but no longer works 
> with sip 4.10.5 and Python 2.7 .  Is this a known problem, or could I 
> be doing something wrong?  the signal I am connecting to is 
> "triggered()".  My next step would be to write a small program to 
> isolate this issue, but if anyone has any ideas, let me know.
> Thanks,
> Blaine

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