[PyQt] QDockwidget advice needed

Algis Kabaila akabaila at pcug.org.au
Sat Aug 21 02:42:22 BST 2010

> Not exactly, but who cares. AFAICS, all you need is the Signals and Slots 
> chapter. Unfortunately, it misses the new style signals (because Phil 
> invented them later), but you should get hold of them from the beginning. 
> Much less to type, better type checking, and no silly Qt types anymore. 
> IIRC, the later variants of Marks examples available on his site do use 
> them already.

Mark Summerfield's "Rapid GUI Programming with Python an Qt" is one 
of my most valued possessions and most highly respected programming 
guides.  As I am a perennial noob, I would like to get hold of some examples 
of the new type SIGNALs, preferably examples from Mark's book.  When you say 
that "variants of Marks examples available on his site do use them already", 
would it be too much trouble to refer me to the chapter number?  (Chapter 4 
deals with SIGNALS and SLOTS. SLOTS are dealt with in both new and old 
style, but SIGNALS are in the old style. Chapter 10 deals with the deeper 
level of *events*).

Your patience of reading this is appreciated!


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