[PyQt] Re: Re: Python 2.5, 2.6 ?

Joshua Kugler joshua at joshuakugler.com
Thu May 21 18:45:19 BST 2009

Phil Thompson wrote:
>> Phil: Just wondering why this is the case?  2.5 is still quite active and
>> used "in the wild" with 2.6 not all that wide spread yet.  Especially
> with
>> distributions that have LTS-type support (e.g. Ubuntu 8.04) which will be
>> supported on the desktop for two more years.  In that time, there won't
> be
>> any upgrade to 2.6.
> We are talking about Windows only. As you say there is nothing stopping
> people for compiling things themselves.

OK...I'm a still a bit out of it from being sick, so when I read that, it
registered as meaning "the updates won't work with Python 2.5."  I should
have realized you could compile it yourself.

Sorry for the confusion!


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