[PyQt] (no subject)

pierloic at free.fr pierloic at free.fr
Wed May 20 11:56:10 BST 2009


> Depends what you mean by maintain.

I meant maintain the PyQt installer for python 2.5 on your site so that I can
tell people : "go to this page, download, install and it works".

> The Python 2.5 installer will be kept for the foreseeable future

Is that weeks, months, years... ?
What should I do if it is not anymore available on your site ? store a copy
locally ?

> it won't be updated when new versions of PyQt are released

You will stay with Qt 4.4.3 for python 2.5 ?
Qt 4.5.x will have to be with python 2.6 (or 3), right ?


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