[PyQt] Re: PyQt 4.5 snapshot build (windows and mac)

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Sun May 17 15:39:21 BST 2009

On 17.05.09 13:51:13, Michael Held wrote:
> Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > On 17.05.09 09:13:45, Magnus Benjes wrote:
> >>> I was not aware that PyQt goes with mingw32 (what about VC9?). using
> >>> mingw which came with Qt4.5 I could build SIP and PyQt (still compiling)
> >>> successfully. this article was really helpful:
> >>> http://diotavelli.net/PyQtWiki/BuildPyQt4Windows
> >> There is a build in binary incompatibility between the comercial version 
> >> of Qt and the open source version on Windows. The open source version is 
> >> built with Mingw and the comercial version is built with VC. If you want 
> >> to use Qt with VC you have to buy a comercial licence.
> > 
> > No you don't. Both the GPL and LGPL version of Qt4 build just fine with
> > MSVC 2005 or later (IIRC MSVC is supported in the GPL version since 4.3).
> > 
> thanks for your infos. I installed the non-commercial Qt4.5 binaries

Missed that part, the binary package of Qt4.5 is of course compiled with
MinGW. However you can simply fetch the source package and build it
yourself with MSVC.

> actually mingw is fine for me, or are there serious implications I do
> not know about?

Well, its only slightly less broken than MSVC6 wrt. some C++ constructs and
its horribly slow too.


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