Fwd: Re: [PyQt] default to list?

Frédéric frederic.mantegazza at gbiloba.org
Thu Mar 12 07:57:06 GMT 2009

Le 12/3/2009, "Arnold Krille" <arnold at arnoldarts.de> a écrit:

>On Thursday 12 March 2009 07:59:10 Damien Elmes wrote:
>> Currently the list defaults to the original author when replying. What
>> do you think about changing it to default to replying to the whole
>> list instead?  As it stands, people have to go out of their way to
>> make their replies and advice public.
>You mean mangling the reply-to: -header?
>There is always great discussions on all the mailinglists where this is 
>changed (either from or to mangling...)
>The objective results of these discussions I know so far:
>1) Mangling the reply-to: -header is not rfc conformant.
>2) Getting good mail-client helps because it recognizes the mailinglist-
>headers and automaticly replies to the list.
>At least kmail here does, I didn't have to fuzz with the receivers address to 
>answer in public...
>But whether or not this is changed, some people will always complain and some 
>people will always answer to private when they should have answered in public.

I agree; this is not simple. I also prefer a reply to the list, but most
people don't.

People often use 'Reply to all', so the message goes to the ML *and* to
the sender. But in this  case, I only receive the message without header
(the private copy), so it is not filtered and automatically put it my
PyQt folder.

I think that the robot is configured to only send one copy in such case,
which is a good thing, but is there a way to configure it so I receive
the message to the list, and not the private one?

PyQT is not the only list in this case; I think this is a mailman issue...


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