[PyQt] Re: QSpinBox: behavior on Linux

Darryl Wallace darryl.wallace at prosensus.ca
Thu Jun 4 18:40:12 BST 2009

TP wrote:
> Thanks a lot.
> I have another question: how to know the PyQt and Qt version from python?
> I have searched in the archive, but the result is not satisfying:
> http://search.gmane.org/?query=__version__+pyqt&author=&group=gmane.comp.python.pyqt-pykde&sort=relevance&DEFAULTOP=and&xP=__version__&xFILTERS=Gcomp.python.pyqt-pykde---A
QtCore.qVersion() for Qt version and, QtCore.PYQT_VERSION_STR for PyQt 

Please use a new thread for different topics.  This will prevent your 
question from getting missed.


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