[PyQt] QWebKit as a richtext widget

Christoph Burgmer chrislb at gmx.de
Tue Feb 24 09:02:12 GMT 2009

My application employs several QWebView widgets to provide richtext layout and 
a webbrowser like navigation. Currently they get filled by using the setHtml() 
method, and by setting the link policy almost full control can be taken over 
this class.

Right now setting the widget's content by using setHtml() limits the 
application though, as _all_ data needs to be available before filling the 
widget. Similar to a web connection the data here arrives in single chunks as 
a database thread in the background produces the content. Storing the 
previously arrived data and repainting the widget by setHtml() each time 
additional data arrives is not an option (slow, screen blanking, scroll bar 

So I wonder if the Qt folks actually anticipated people using the class as a 
rich text widget in a non-network environment. I could try to implement the 
HTML rendering process into a local webserver implying overhead, or look for a 
different way around this, e.g. overloading the page's QNetworkAccessManager.

Any suggestions?
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