[PyQt] PyKDE segfaults when calling group() on KSharedConfig object

Benno Dielmann lists at benno-dielmann.de
Thu Feb 19 22:26:47 GMT 2009

Hi Simon, 

thanks for looking into this. KGlobal.config() does the thing so far. 

Maybe you should mention about KSharedConfig not working in the PyKDE docs. At 
the moment they actually seem to recommend using it:


says "In general it is recommended to use KSharedConfig"

Best wishes, Benno. 

On Thursday 19 February 2009 21:54:59 Simon Edwards wrote:
> Hi,
> Benno Dielmann wrote:
> > thanks, Simon, for looking into this and in general for your great work
> > on PyKDE :-).
> >
> > I'm using KGlobal.config() in my application now. What is the difference
> > between this and KSharedConfig.openConfig()? What is the preferred way of
> > getting access to the configuration system? From the api docs this isn't
> > clear to me...
> KSharedConfig.openConfig() crashes here too. Actually it complains about
> a "pure virtual method" being called. I don't know where or which
> exactly. KSharedConfig looks like a way of sharing config objects around
> in a C++ program and having it cleaned up in a timely way. It doesn't
> look relevant to Python as we already have better automatic memory
> management.
> I always use KGlobal.config() and I'm fairly sure that is the right way
> to go. If that stops working, then get back to me.
> cheers,

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