[PyQt] PyQt for 64-bit Python on Windows

V. Armando Sole sole at esrf.fr
Tue Feb 17 08:23:45 GMT 2009


At 12:26 16/02/2009 -0800, Matt Newell wrote:
>Qt and PyQt work fine with 64 bit windows but I've been unable to get a
>working Qt so far with mingw-w64.  I've had success with visual studio 2005
>and could provide installers.  I will need a few days though as I am busy
>with other things atm.

I just wanted to add a comment. Considering python 2.6 is supplied compiled 
with VS2008, perhaps you should consider using VS2008 express edition 
instead of VS2005. It is also free and better packaged than the 2005 version.

If you are talking about a binary for python 2.5 then, please, forget about 
my comment.

Best regards,


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