[PyQt] PyQt4 - examples/designer/plugins/plugins.py: Can not see " PyQt Examples" group when qt4 designer comes up

David Boddie dboddie at trolltech.com
Tue Dec 15 16:22:23 GMT 2009

On Tue Dec 15 02:40:58 GMT 2009, Mark Floyd mfloyd at evryx.com wrote:

> I'm a bit perplexed with this problem.  Something in qt4 designer is
> silently failing to load the example plugins (qt4 designer does not report
> any errors, and there are no errors reported in the "About Plugins"
> window).  I am doing nothing more than the following:
> cd /temp/PyQt-x11-commercial-4.6.1/examples/designer/plugins
> /path/to/python-2.5.1/bin/python plugins.py

Have you tried running the examples/designer/plugins/plugins.py example?
This should indicate what you might need to do to make plugins available
in Designer.

> When I look under "About Plugins", I see libpythonplugin.so, but no custom
> plugins.  This is from a Redhat RHEL4 environment with a personal build of
> Qt 4.5.2 (-release build) and PyQt 4.6.1.  Any help on where to start
> looking for the source of the failed example plugin loads would be most
> appreciated.  I've been digging into the problem off and on for the past
> few weeks and haven't found any leads.  The silent failure is really
> complicating things.

If the example doesn't help, you could start Designer with strace and
redirect output to a file to see which paths it is searching.


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