[PyQt] [SIP][BUG] CoreDump if scope is NULL when instantiating template (no namespace used)

Alexis Boutillier alexis.boutillier at arteris.com
Tue Dec 15 15:33:35 GMT 2009

sip version : 4.9.3


To effectively instantiate a template to use it in python, you need to 
add a typedef with the name.
The related code only work if you are in a scope (scope!=NULL) otherwise 
it crash here :

line 3984 of parser.y:
     cd->iff = findIfaceFile(pt, mod, fqname, class_iface,
             scope->iff->api_range, NULL);
because scope can be NULL.
later in the code of instantiateClassTemplate you correctly check for 
scope!=NULL before using it.


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