[PyQt] Continued: Taskbar daemon, DBus

lokev modern.zamurai at gmail.com
Fri Dec 11 08:05:01 GMT 2009

>>lokev wrote:
>>I was wondering if I could get some pointers, or directions to good
tutorials or examples for the >>following:
>>I want to make a daemon that runs with an icon in the system
tray/notification area, how to i do this?
>basweber wrote:
>or look at real life examples via google code search (I love this google

So, to further expand on this ..
I want the daemon to be cross platform, Mac/Win/Linux. DBus seemed like a
good way to go for communication with the daemon, but:
" The DBus support module is installed as dbus.mainloop.qt. PyQt does not
support Qt's native DBus classes. Instead the module enables the Qt event
loop to be used with the standard DBus Python bindings. It is only available
for PyQt for X11. "

Which explains why I could get this example:
http://paste.pocoo.org/show/42329/ to run fine on my Ubuntu box, but not on
Leopard .. :)

So does this mean that if I want to use DBus cross platform, I'll have to
develop it in Qt4/C++ ? Or can I develop just parts of it in Qt4/C++ and the
rest in PyQt? Or can I use plain python to handle the dbus communication,
and PyQt for the rest? 

Also, I would like for the user to be able to communicate with the Daemon
from another host. From my understanding, it is possible to pipe DBus
communication through sockets, but since I'm going that route anyway, and
use of DBus seems to be limited to X11apps in PyQt, would it be best to just
develop it to do all communication through sockets, also local, and not use
DBus at all .. (though I would like to avoid this .. )

Can anyone with a bit more experience with both PyQt and software
development in general give me some advice on what route to take?

Ole Johan

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