[PyQt] ActiveX Question

Hazen Babcock hbabcock at mac.com
Wed Dec 2 23:59:01 GMT 2009


Does anyone know the right way to call a ActiveX function that expects 
to get a argument by reference? For example, if there is a function 
called "getPosition(double *)" how do I call this function? I thought 
that I was close with:

pos = -1.0
self.dynamicCall('getPosition(double &)', pos)

This does not complain about the wrong parameter type, or generate any 
other warning/error messages, but it also does not change the value of 
pos to 1.0 as expected. Using pos = QtCore.QVariant(-1.0) also does not 
work. self is a QAxWidget object.

Any links or pointers would be appreciated.

Thank you,

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