[PyQt] will pyqt follow qt license model?

Simon Hibbs simon.hibbs at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 05:50:42 BST 2009


>But when you are making money with your (presumable) closed-source pyqt app,
>why should the makers of pyqt go for free???

PyQT is rapidly becoming the best kept secret in Python. Back when a
commercial QT license cost thousands of dollars, using PyQT for
commercial development was not viable for many small scale commercial
projects, but suddenly it's very affordable for even hobbyist use.

There's really not much to prevent it becoming the default Python GUI
framework, it just need a way to grow mind-share in the Python
community. My only concern is the closed nature of the development
process and the risks that poses to the long term future of the
project, rather than the relatively modest commercial license fee.

Simon Hibbs
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