[PyQt] QGraphicsView, OpenGL, and multiple displays

Aron Bierbaum aronbierbaum at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 18:06:29 BST 2009

I am writing a large PyQt application that uses QGraphicsView for the
entire UI and have recently run into some issues with multiple
displays. The issue is that if you drag the application from one
display to the second display and then click on the desktop the
texture used to render the UI is corrupted and/or disappears all
together. The even more puzzling thing is that it does not happen on
all machines. I have attached a simplified example in Python and C++
to show the issue. Does this happen for anyone else? Does anyone have
any ideas why this would happen?


Qt 4.5.0
Visual Studio 2008
NVIDIA 7800 GTX (driver 182.50)
Two monitors configured independently from each other (Dualview)
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