[PyQt] will pyqt follow qt license model?

Bobby R. Ward bobbyrward at gmail.com
Fri Apr 10 12:42:40 BST 2009

> The same was probably said when Qt came into business. And see how long they
> live already.

A windowing toolkit(and everything else in Qt) are whole different
beast than a python binding.

> If you think you can easily start something similar to PyQt but is "truely
> free[TM]" be my guest...
> And actually there is an open source alternative. Its called PyQt and is
> usable by open source projects for non-profit (aka free) software.

Everyone's waiting to see what Riverbank decides to do.  I don't
currently have a need for a GUI so I'll wait and see as well.

If PyQt does go LGPL it will be the best cross platform solution for
python windowing.

wxWidgets is a pain to work with for all but the simplest of things.

GTK is great on *nix, not so much on Windows, Mac, etc.

Qt works great everywhere and comes with multiple kitchen sinks.

Having Qt as an option for low budget commercial software would be nice.

> PS: Discussing about free software and then sending from Verizon is kind of
> strange...

Don't make it personal.  I live in a very rural part of Texas where
you either have Verizon or you don't have a cell phone.

Bobby R. Ward
bobbyrward at gmail.com

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