[PyQt] New ported examples: padnavigator, embeddeddialogs

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.com
Thu May 29 21:31:41 BST 2008

On Tuesday 27 May 2008 9:52:34 am Igor Prischepoff wrote:
> Hello, I have ported to python couple of cool new demos from Qt 4.4.0
> Not everything is working nice so I attach full archives for community to
> help and include if needed
> in pyqt distro.
> (in hope it's not breaking rules of conference)
> Known issues:
> -  padnavigator is crashed on exit (maybe garbage collection is not good).
>  Don't know why it is but I've managed to locate crash lines. See comment
> "problem" in code.

I couldn't reproduce the problem but I think it's because "ui" should be an 
instance variable rather than a local variable.

> - embeddeddialogs
>   - don't handle QFormLayout with uic correctly (I have changed layout to
> grid layout in ui file)
>     I think it's bug in uic.Original  embeddeddialog.ui from Qt 4.4.0
> distribution raises exception
>    See 'problem' comment

Now fixed.

>   - translation of line (see comment problem #2 in code)
>     QGraphicsItem *item = qVariantValue<QGraphicsItem *>(value);
>    to python equivalent failed.
>   I tried with
>    item = value
>  and
>    item = sip.cast(value,QtGui.QGraphicsItem)
>  May be something should be done with sip ?

I've left this for the moment because I don't understand what the code is 
doing. It seems to behave the same as the C++ version without this code 
working properly.

> Any help is appreciated. If code will be fixed then I think it can be
> included in pyqt?

It will be in tonight's snapshot.


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