[PyQt] Problems with KSysTray

David Klasinc bigwhale at lubica.net
Fri May 16 18:37:00 BST 2008


I hope that this list deals with PyKDE issues too. :) Anyways, I am 
making an application that stays docked in KDE Systray.

Copied straight from the PyKDE examples, this is my code:

         self.systray = KSystemTray (self, "MyApp")
         self.systray.setCaption ("MyApp")
         self.systray.setPixmap (icons.loadIcon("stop", KIcon.Desktop))
         self.systray.connect (self.systray, SIGNAL ("quitSelected 
()"), 	        self.slotQuitSelected)
         self.systray.show ()

I get the icon and the app runs fine also contextMenu is working. 
However, there is the first line of the context menu which says 
'unknown'. How do I change this? It's been couple of years I was working 
with KDE or Qt and this is actually my first python application and I 
spent quite some time digging thru Qt and KDE API documentation and I 
couldn't find a way to change this.

Calling self.systray.contextMenu().setTitle() or .addTitle() didn't 
really help since it created a new title in the menu.

Where the hell did that 'unknown' came from? :)


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