[PyQt] Re: PyPaPi tutorial feedback (Re: Re: RAD with PyQt?)

Alberto Berti alberto at metapensiero.it
Tue Jun 17 03:46:19 BST 2008

Thanks for your feedback Aaron, i've integrated most of your
suggestions, and better explained the nav toolbar parameters.

>>>>> "Aaron" == Aaron Digulla <digulla at hepe.com> writes:

    Aaron> Quoting Alberto Berti <alberto at metapensiero.it>:
    >> For who asked for pypapi docs, i'm preparing a tutorial (still
    >> to be finished) that shows some PyPaPi features: it's here
    >> http://www.pypapi.org/rdg/browser/docs/cute/tutorial/README.rst

    Aaron> The part about the table is confusing. I suggest to move it
    Aaron> to a new tutorial and explain it in more detail (how to add
    Aaron> the table, how to bind the table to the details view, etc).

The fact that there is nothing to do rather than place the view on the
form in QtDesinger:)

In contrast with your opinion i've added also a little _master/detail_
example at the the end, that maybe will attract some interest:)

Enjoy:) and as always, comments are welcome.


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