PyPaPi tutorial feedback (Re: [PyQt] Re: RAD with PyQt?)

Aaron Digulla digulla at
Mon Jun 16 08:34:32 BST 2008

Quoting Alberto Berti <alberto at>:

> For who asked for pypapi docs, i'm preparing a tutorial (still to be
> finished) that shows some PyPaPi features: it's here

The part about the table is confusing. I suggest to move it to a new  
tutorial and explain it in more detail (how to add the table, how to  
bind the table to the details view, etc).

Also, what is the third parameter of addNavigationToolBar() ('FPNL-EID-AC')?

Is there a way to put the call to addNavigationToolBar() into  
__init__()? You never do it and I wonder why not.

"Column headers are set to IContact's field titles..." This is  
unclear. Who sets the column headers? Do I have to do that in the  
designer or does the code do that?

Typos: "The last pieces that we need to setup are to define a the form  
class.." huh?

"We just now want to see it in action." -> "Now, we want to see it in action."

"next for now, we want to add a table that will show a summary of all  
the contacts over the details." Sounds clumsy. How about: "While this  
works, the user can't see the other contacts and that makes it hard to  
use our UI. It would be much nicer if he could see all contacts in a  
summary table. To do that, add a standard QTableView..."


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