[PyQt] Using PyQt within an application

Darryl Wallace darryl.wallace at prosensus.ca
Thu Aug 14 20:54:54 BST 2008

I'm assuming you're using a QDialog.

A)If it's a standard dialog (with OK/Cancel) then I usually use the 
accept()/reject() slots on the dialog.  These close the dialog and 
return the status of the dialog upon exit (accepted or rejected).

B) I would guess that you don't want the dialog to be modal.  this way 
you can still interact with the application that called it.  Use the 
method on the dialog, setModal(False) to turn off modality. 


andYpsilon wrote:
> Hi! I am starting a PyQt dialog from inside an application (The Compositing
> package Nuke from The Foundry) to use the application specific python
> module.
> The problem is, as soon as I am in the main event loop, Nuke crashes when
> doing something outside of the dialog. This would be somehow OK, if the
> quit() or the exit() function wouldn't quit the whole application instead of
> only closing the dialog window.
> Does anyone know how to: A) -Quit a dialog without quitting the application
> from which the dialog was startetd??
> or B) How to run the main event loop that the application from whioch the
> dialog was started can still be used??
> thx,
> a desperate andy

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