[PyQt] PyQt book "Rapid GUI Programming with Python and Qt" now available

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Fri Oct 26 05:47:23 BST 2007

On Thursday 25 October 2007 18:20, David Boddie wrote:

> Note: As a reviewer, I received a copy free of charge, but I would have
> bought a copy anyway. I had to squeeze my reviewing duties in between work
> and real life, so I didn't really have the time to enjoy the book the first
> time around. :-)

Heh - when I was teaching, I'd get a free copy and *paid* to review textbooks. 
Mostly on hardware, but one of my favorites was a text on BASIC for the 
PDP-11 (in the late 1980s - it was obvious PCs would dominate by then), with 
about half the book devoted to simulating logic gates in code. I was 
surprised the check cleared for that review.

I'll probably pick up a copy just because there are some things in Qt4 I still 
haven't found time to get on top of, and some bad habits I should probably 


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