[PyQt] (mainly windows) problems with pyqt

Markos Gogoulos mgogoulos at gmail.com
Sat Oct 20 23:53:45 BST 2007

Hi all,

a program I've written on pyqt4 behaves on a strange way on some windows
systems, and I would like to ask your opinion, based on similar experience
you might have faced. The application fetches some images and displays them
on mainwindow. While this works as expected on linux, mac and windows xp
professional platforms, it does not display all images on windows xp home
systems. So instead of displaying 10 images, as it should do, it shows 2 or
three. The code behind each image display is the same, and works perfectly
on the former systems, still for a mysterious reason it doesn't work on the
later ones!

I don't have a clue why this might happen. If anyone has an idea what might
go wrong with these systems... The package has been built to windows
executable on a windows professional system, so could this be the reason it
doesn't work on home editions? Still why it manages to display 2 or 3 (out
of ten) images each time is a mystery...Unfortunately currently I have not
access to a windows xp home system to built it there and see if it works

Another important issue is that when the program searches on the internet
for the images to display, the mainwindows seems to freeze (especially on
slow connections) and the user might think that the application has crashed,
while when it gets the results it 'comes back to life'. Is there a way to
avoid this, and keep the mainwindow appear normally, while it fetches and
displays the images?

If anyone has a clue or wants to see how these happen, please check
http://indywikia.sourceforge.net for the source  and drop a sentence.

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