[PyQt] PyQt v4.3a1 Binary Installer for Windows

Giovanni Bajo rasky at develer.com
Mon Jun 25 13:12:58 BST 2007

On 6/25/2007 10:46 AM, Sundance wrote:

>> I've created a binary Windows installer for what will be PyQt v4.3 at
> http://www.riverbankcomputing.com/Downloads/PyQt4/GPL/PyQt-gpl-4.3a1-Py2.5.exe
> Oh, wonderful! Thank you Phil, this will make deploying stuff on Windows 
> that much easier. :)
> Speaking of which, Giovanni -- if I remember correctly (which I may not, 
> on account of silly brain), you mentioned to me having worked on a PyQt 
> installer mode where everything is compiled statically inside a 
> single .pyd, leading to drastic space reduction. Did you get it into 
> any sufficiently good shape that the rest of us could use it to ship 
> PyInstaller-made packages for PyQt software that actually don't weigh 
> in the tens of MBs? That'd be awesome. :)

It wasn't a PyInstaller mode, it was just a way of compiling PyQt. I 
spoke of this to Phil and he agreed to implement it directly within 
SIP/PyQt. The above installer is the result of his work.

If you use the above installer and run it through PyInstaller, you end 
up with a Qt hello world executable of ~3Mb. I don't have exact numbers 
handy, because I use a stripped down python25.dll and a stripped down 
_qt.pyd (without many Qt features I don't use). My own Qt hello world is 
less than 2Mb (1.8Mb right now).
Giovanni Bajo

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