[PyQt] pyuic vs. uic.loadUi()?

Kovid Goyal kovid at theory.caltech.edu
Fri Jun 15 17:35:34 BST 2007

Just write a Makefile to help you during development. I really don't think 
it's worth burdening your users with the extra load time. Also if you plan on 
going multi-platform, you will have to write platform specific hacks to 
figure out the loaction of the ui files.



On Friday 15 June 2007 08:34:19 Dirk Reiners wrote:
> 	Hi Everybody,
> as I said already I'm just starting out using PyQt and therefore I would
> like to tap into the experience pool on the list to avoid making
> fundamental mistakes early in the project that are hard to fix later.
> I'm trying to decide whether to a) use pyuic4 to generate a python module
> to include, or b) use uic.loadUi() to load the .ui file directly.
> As far as I can see the only possible disadvantage of b) is the time it may
> take to create the ui compared to just loading the .pyc file. The advantage
> is not having to remember to run the build system (scons in my case, thanks
> to Patrick Hartling for the pyuic builder!). A difference (neutral) is not
> being able to derive from the module and avoid having to add .ui to access
> the ui variables, but that doesn't look like a big deal.
> Is there something more that I'm missing?
> Thanks
> 	Dirk
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