[PyQt] Re: Freezing PyQt4 program withing patched python2.5

Miguel Lobo mlobol at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 18:31:00 BST 2007

> I had downloaded the pathc for python2.5 and build it, sip and PyQt
> against
> it. One hunk failed in  (I tried to correct it)   But if I try to freeze
> it I
> got:
> Warning: unknown modules remain: PyQt4.QtCore PyQt4.QtGui _bisect _heapq
> _locale _random _socket _ssl _struct _tkinter array binascii bz2 cStringIO
> collections datetime fcntl grp itertools math operator readline select
> strop
> termios time zlib
> Any hints?

Did you get that warning in the output of the freeze invocation?  If so, can
you post the freeze invocation you're using?  For reference, mine is:

c:/Python25/Python.exe -OO c:/dev/Python-2.5/Tools/freeze/freeze.py \
        -x pydoc -x distutils -p c:/dev/Python-2.5 -o dist -s windows \
        -l QtCore4.lib -l QtCore.lib -l QtGui4.lib -l QtGui.lib \
        -l sip.lib -l advapi32.lib -l ole32.lib -l winmm.lib \
        -l gdi32.lib -l winspool.lib -l imm32.lib Main.py

And I get these warnings, which are OK because these correspond to built-in

Missing modules:
? PyQt4.QtCore imported from [... snip ...]
? PyQt4.QtGui imported from [... snip ...]
? _emx_link imported from os
? distutils.util imported from site
? org.python.core imported from copy
? os.path imported from os
? pwd imported from posixpath
? sitecustomize imported from site

However, your warnings seem to be in a different format?

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