[PyQt] Problems with QX11EmbedContainer

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Mon Jul 30 04:09:56 BST 2007

David Boddie escribió:
> On Saturday 28 July 2007 22:25, Gustavo A. Díaz wrote:
>> Anyway, it works will all of those.
>> Now, i am having a problem that i was thinking that may come:
>> Every time i press in any listWidget item of my app, seems the xterm
>> executes many instances in the background reaching a moment that i have
>> many "hidden" xterm consoles opened (plus the one inside the frame, which
>> is the only i want to have there).
>> How i could avoid this?
> You need to find out where (and when) each instance is being created and
> figure out if it's happening in cases that you didn't expect.
> Do you do some processing in response to a click on an item in a list
> widget? Does this somehow inadvertently cause an xterm to be launched?
> David
Indeed no, i just want to have the xterm in the last itemWidget, and is
inside a stackedWidget (which is inside a frame of that stacked).
But the problem (i think) is that i just add and set that stackedWidget
every time i press on itemList. The weird thing is  that this happen
when i press in any itemList, the xterm executes in a new instance...
but hidden.

I will investigate which is the mistake.

Thanks anyway.


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