[PyQt] Re: Can't compile PyQt snapshot on Windows

Arve Knudsen arve.knudsen at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 09:28:40 BST 2007

Is anything being done about this? I can't imagine it'd be too difficult ...


On 7/22/07, Arve Knudsen <arve.knudsen at gmail.com> wrote:
> I "solved" this problem by configuring PyQt to concatenate source files
> into 8 pieces, so there would be less going on on the command line. Now I
> have another problem though. I have installed Python under C:\Program Files
> and not directly under C:\, which doesn't fly with the PyQt build system. I
> had to fix the Makefile.Release in the "designer" directory since it
> couldn't cope with the whitespace in Python´s installation path -- There
> were two -I directives to gcc: -I"C:\Program" and
> -I"Files\Python25\include", in addition linking failed since the path to
> Python´s library directory wasn't quoted ( i.e., -LC:\Program
> Files\Python25\libs).
> Arve
> On 7/22/07, Arve Knudsen <arve.knudsen at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > Hi
> > I am trying to compile the latest PyQt snapshot on Windows with mingw,
> > but it fails due to a too long command line when combining a bunch of object
> > files (from the look of it). Is this a known problem?
> >
> > Arve
> >
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