[PyQt] Is that mailing list supposed to help ?

kib2 kib2 at free.fr
Tue Jul 24 00:11:17 BST 2007

Hans-Peter Jansen a écrit :

> Without going into detailed issues of your posts, and beside what Dave 
> already addressed, two more points always annoy _me_ from your posts:
>  - you provide some sniplets from your issue, and seem to expect, that
>    supporters will mind parse them and be able to point you to the problems,
>    or even coding the missing pieces in a way, you may have done it in order
>    to help you?
>    Sorry, but this is not going to work. Qt and thus PyQt is simply WAY too
>    huge and complex to let this be a successful strategy, even if the
>    concepts are much clearer than in any other python aware toolkit out
>    there.

Maybe you're right here, but you already know the situation : you have 
say 5 or 6 files, about 800 lines of code. In some cases it's rather 
simple (what I did with QScintilla), others are longer and you need time 
to write a basic app showing the problem.

>    Generic solution:
>    Always provide a minimum self containing script (e.g. one, that can be
>    saved to a file, and executed without further interventions), showing the
>    problem. If provided inline, be careful about line wrapping and white
>    space issues. 

Ok, I'll try to do this next time.

>  - Kib² may be funny as a nic name, but for an average reader like me, you
>    appear as somebody genderless _hiding_ somewhere in france. See, nobody
>    likes to talk so such a _something_. Uncovering some more personality
>    _may_ pay off in this respect, provided, you keep kind otherwise..

I do not try to hide myself, these are just my initials (even more, my 
blog adress : kib2.webfactional.com and my mail one).

> Don't be be concerned too much about your speech, we've seen much worser 
> ones. Not mastering C++ syntax is also a non issue. You will grasp the 
> necessary key facts in order to use the Qt docs rather soon. It's simply a 
> matter of ignoring most of the C++ ugliness, and applying a few rules on 
> top..

C++ can be ugly, like all langages sometimes...it all depends on 
programmers :)

> Cheers,
>   Pete

See you,
Kib² (Christophe).

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