[PyQt] Is that mailing list supposed to help ?

Hans-Peter Jansen hpj at urpla.net
Mon Jul 23 23:51:46 BST 2007

Am Montag, 23. Juli 2007 21:58 schrieb kib2:
> Hi,
> You may ask if it's a suicidal question or whatever, I just wanted to
> give you my impressions. I don't want to hurt anyone.
> Usually when I subscribe to a mailing list, I enjoy answering others
> questions and asking mine too, but not here for the moment.
> I asked several questions here, without any answer. Some were pretty
> simple, some just suggest I was on a wrong direction (in this case, I'll
> have liked someone told me why), but that's not the question. The fact
> that they remain unanswered just lets you Alone inside a community. I
> don't care about being or not a 'newbie', we all have been in whatever
> domain.

Without going into detailed issues of your posts, and beside what Dave 
already addressed, two more points always annoy _me_ from your posts:

 - you provide some sniplets from your issue, and seem to expect, that
   supporters will mind parse them and be able to point you to the problems,
   or even coding the missing pieces in a way, you may have done it in order
   to help you?
   Sorry, but this is not going to work. Qt and thus PyQt is simply WAY too
   huge and complex to let this be a successful strategy, even if the
   concepts are much clearer than in any other python aware toolkit out

   Generic solution:

   Always provide a minimum self containing script (e.g. one, that can be
   saved to a file, and executed without further interventions), showing the
   problem. If provided inline, be careful about line wrapping and white
   space issues. 

 - Kib² may be funny as a nic name, but for an average reader like me, you
   appear as somebody genderless _hiding_ somewhere in france. See, nobody
   likes to talk so such a _something_. Uncovering some more personality
   _may_ pay off in this respect, provided, you keep kind otherwise..

Don't be be concerned too much about your speech, we've seen much worser 
ones. Not mastering C++ syntax is also a non issue. You will grasp the 
necessary key facts in order to use the Qt docs rather soon. It's simply a 
matter of ignoring most of the C++ ugliness, and applying a few rules on 


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