[PyKDE] More Model/View QTableView/QTreeView questions

Kelly Burkhart kelly.burkhart at gmail.com
Wed Jan 31 19:21:08 GMT 2007

I'm continuing to experiment with model/view and have a couple of
additional questions for you experts.  Please see attached code.

1.  Is there a way, either from the tree view or the table view to
select arbitrary text from within a cell?  I.e. can I select just
'this text' from the middle cell in the right column?  It appears that
with setSelectionBehavior and setSelectionMode the finest granularity
I can get is to highlight an entire cell.  And it's not really
'selected' since I can't paste the text into another window.

2.  In the table view, how can I get rid of all of that padding
surrounding the text so that it looks more like the tree view?

Thank you,

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