[PyKDE] PyQt4 random crashes under windows.

sole at esrf.fr sole at esrf.fr
Mon Jan 22 21:56:51 GMT 2007


I have a fairly large application which combines PyQt (3 or 4) + PyQwt5. The
application is rock solid on all platforms under PyQt3 and on all platforms but
windows under PyQt4 where it randomly crashes.

I'm using the Qt4 library as supplied by Trolltech and compiling all the
extensions (sip, PyQt4 and PyQwt5) with Trolltech's supplied MinGW. 

I suspect the problem comes from a simultaneous use of two runtime libraries
(msvcrt.dll used by MinGW and msvcr71.dll used by python). 

If I build Qt4 and the extension modules with VS2003 with the patched Qt4 files
from the qtwin project the application crashes even more often, so the patch
does not seem to be a solution to my problem.

Is there a way to prevent the simultaneous use of the two libraries? 
Would a static build of PyQt4 help?

Any feedback will be appreciated.



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