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On Sunday 21 January 2007 09:05:40 -0800, Tony Cappellini wrote:

>>Do you mean that you want to call normal methods in Python classes and not

j>>ust those supplied by their Qt base classes?

>>You should be able to use the same syntax as that used in the Qt
documentation, but there's also a PyQt-specific shortcut for slots that you
can use.
Well, the QT docs are all in C++, and often there are some differences for
I've read the pyQT docs here, but it's very terse, and doesn't provide
(this is the only python-specific help I can find. It's only one page)

3.5   Connecting Signals and

Connections between signals and slots (and other signals) are made using the
QtCore.QObject.connect() method. For example:

QtCore.QObject.connect(a, QtCore.SIGNAL("QtSig()"), pyFunction)
QtCore.QObject.connect(a, QtCore.SIGNAL("QtSig()"), pyClass.pyMethod)
QtCore.QObject.connect(a, QtCore.SIGNAL
("QtSig()"), b, QtCore.SLOT("QtSlot()"))
QtCore.QObject.connect(a, QtCore.SIGNAL("PySig()"), b, QtCore.SLOT("QtSlot()"))
QtCore.QObject.connect(a, QtCore.SIGNAL("PySig"), pyFunction)

  def updateTextBox(self):
       # this function should be called, when the button is pressed
  self.patchBrowser.setPlainText(self.tr("Callback was called"))

>>However, your updateTextBox() slot is just a normal Python method, so you
can just pass a reference to it:

       >>self.connect(self.patchNames, QtCore.SIGNAL("activated()"),
I've tried this,  my function still isn't being called

>>For slots defined by the C++ base class, you can use SLOT() to specify
them in the connect() call;
>>for example, the following connection would cause the dialog to be hidden
when a patchNames combobox entry is activated:

       >>self.connect(self.patchNames, QtCore.SIGNAL("activated()"), self,
I've tried this too, it doesn't call my function either
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