[PyKDE] starting a new PyKDE project

Joseph Rawson umeboshi at gregscomputerservice.com
Wed Jan 17 17:22:55 GMT 2007

I've just started a new PyKDE project.  The main page is here:
I am trying to make this project an example of how to program with
PyKDE.  Comments and suggestions are highly encouraged.
The intended audience of the example is for people who know how to program
in python, but are inexperienced in c++.  This is explained in greater detail 
on the web page. One of the reasons that I am taking  the time to make this 
an example application is due to the fact that there are currently very few 
PyKDE applications in the wild (at least that I am aware of).  Most of the 
applications listed here:
are written primarily in PyQt.  There is no release yet, but there is some 
code in the subversion repository.

While writing this application, I have come across a number of puzzling 
problems.  I have been making notes of things that I'm unclear on, but I will 
not bombard the list with them all at once.  I have been making little test 
applications involving those areas, and I will ask about them when I have 
lost hope of figuring it out myself.

I do have a quick question.  Is it possible to display a KMessageBox.error on 
any exception that is raised while the application loop is running?  I know 
that I can make my own exception classes and have them make the dialogs, 
but this only helps when I expect an error.

p.s. This is the second attempt at posting to the list.  This time I put 
[PyKDE] in the subject.  Do I have to do this?
Joseph Rawson

p.p.s. This is the third time I've tried this.  This time, I'm using another host.  t is a lot more difficult for me.

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