[PyKDE] Eric problems with dead key

Antoni Aloy subscripcions at trespams.com
Sun Jan 7 23:43:48 GMT 2007


I have a big problem with Eric conerning dead keys. That is I want to type á à 
ü, í ... but I get 'a `a and that makes Eric unusable for me as I need to be 
able to type such letters in my programs.

I'm using Kde and Ubuntu on PPC but I have reproduced the problem on i386 
machines. My versions are:

Python 2.4.4c1
KDE 3.5.5
PyKDE 3.15.2
Qt 3.3.6
PyQt 3.16
QScintilla 1.6
Eric 3.9.2
Bicycle Repair Man CVS-20041120

Any idea about how to solve this?

Best regards,

Antoni Aloy López
Binissalem - Mallorca
Soci de Bulma #34 - http://www.bulma.cat

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