[PyKDE] Stupid me--PyKDE under X11 on OS X?

Børre Gaup boerre at skolelinux.no
Sat Jan 6 21:45:24 GMT 2007

Bearjadat, ođđajagemánu 05. b. 2007 20.30, Kenneth McDonald čálii:
> I've been asking a number of questions about how best to get KDE/PyKDE
> working on Kubuntu or something similar on a Mac and just realized I
> haven't asked the obvious question--anyone know if it will work under
> the OS X X11 server, and if so, what the lowest-hassle way of installing
> it is?
If you want to install Linux on your Apple computer you must make space for 
the Linux distribution on your harddisk, and then install the distribution 
you favour (Kubuntu/Mandrake/whatever). I use Kubuntu on my PowerBook.

If you on the other side want to have only Mac OS X on your computer, you can 
install most of the software available for Linux/FreeBSD using DarwinPorts or 
Fink (I use Fink when I use Mac OS X).

You will find Fink on http://fink.sourceforge.net/
DarwinPorts you find on http://darwinports.opendarwin.org/

Børre Gaup, Tromsø

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